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Tower Bridge- London

Did you know you can visit inside this iconic bridge and walk over the glass floor observing the world below? Well you can and it's very reasonably priced to do so too!

It is a great place to spend a couple of hours and I personally like to visit places with the children that doesn't have to take a whole day.

You climb up the North Tower and it's quite a climb! But the view! Is as you can imagine- stunning! The tower is fully buggy friendly to, using the lift provided (no buggy park).

There is a little trail with a booklet that the children can do, collecting stamps at various points which my youngest liked. There are also drop family sessions on various dates, it was crafting bunting while we were there, all included in the price.

The absolute highlight for us were the glass walkways! A great experience to walk over or lay on as my children did! Such a special experience and really well done, the mirrored ceiling adding to the experience.

We learnt a lot about the bridge through the displays which were interesting and well thought out. But to be honest we were just happy to walk around and experience the bridge and the views!

At the end when you exit be sure to follow the blue line! This leads you to the engine rooms which is great for any inquisitive mind to see how the bridge works.

It costs £12.30- Adult, £6.20 Child and under 5's free. The best thing is, it has various combinations of family tickets! From 1 adult 2 childrens, 2 adults +3 children etc. Which is a joy to see! Ranging from £22.20 to £38.90. You can book online or just turn up. We booked online but on the train on the way there. When we first got to the bridge the queue looked long but it moved super fast so don't let that put you off.

Great that you can then head home if you are local or team it with another London adventure. Find ours here. A great idea would be to go and see The Changing of the Guards in the morning and then here after lunch! Read all about that here!

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