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Changing of the Guards- London

Changing of the Guards- Buckingham Palace.

FREE activity.

We love going to see all the marching soldiers, for those of you that don't know this happens practically every day. Currently (10th July 2023) it seems to be taking place Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Check out the schedule here.

Great if you are travelling with a buggy as Green Park, my preferred station to arrive at is step free. A stroll down through Green Park to the Mall just in time to see the soldiers march past at 10:45, I would recommend standing towards the top of the Mall and wait here until just after 11 and then you should see the horses too.

We then usually have an ice cream in St James’ park and then make our way back to the Mall to see them all marching back again just after 11:30.

The website is very helpful and has tips for watching with children and we found it surprisingly easy and stress free, just busy enough to have an atmosphere but not too crowded. We didn’t follow the website but it gives you another option here.

Afterwards we head to the lovely playground in the corner of St James’ park, get a coffee and have a packed lunch. If you are local to London you can easily then get back home for school pick up! If you are here on a visit this is a nice morning activity which leaves the afternoon free to explore another place.

Maybe walk to Westminster bridge and catch the clipper boat down the Thames (oyster accepted) which is a great way to see some sights but rest tired legs. How about Tower Bridge, did you know you could go inside and climb up to a glass walkway? Read about our experience here. Or head on to Kensington gardens and visit the fabulous Diana Memorial playground. Endless options, check out the rest of my london suggestions here.

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