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York Maze- More than just a Maze!

You would be forgiven for thinking it is just a maze but no, York Maze is so much more than that! It is packed with things to do and I cleverly themed. It opens every year from mid July to early Sept.

First thing we learnt... arrive EARLY!

Make sure you arrive at opening time, we arrived at11:30 and instantly regretted it as we realised there was so much do see!

From arriving the staff were so friendly and at the entrance gave us tips on what was best to do when and where.

Our 2 favourites were indeed what they personally recommended - The House of CORNfusion- An optical illusion house where you walk through a series of rooms! It is so clever, lots of fun and mind bending! We did this twice!

The second was Crowmania- Climb aboard a giant tractor trailer ride and help defeat the evil crow! Animatronics and live action actors take you through this world of crow chaos! You will get wet in this ride so I recommend doing it last or before you stop for lunch to dry off. Totally worth it though. This was a big hit!

Here are a list of some of the attractions we enjoyed.

* VolCORNo- a volcano shaped climbing wall with a slide down (harder than it looks)

* Corn Snakes- 3 big tube slides where you slide down on sacks. Another big hit!

* An inflatable COBstacle course

* A Popcorn jumping pillow

* CORNula One- This was a interactive racing show- we didn't do this.

* Corn on the Quad- Pay for (£1) ride on quads.

* Angry Crows water game- You fire provided water balloons at each other in an angry birds type set up! (another wet game)

* CORNwall- A climbing wall

* Crazy Maze Show- A 30 minute show with a lot of audience participation ( don't worry not the drag adults on stage type- I was slightly on edge until I realised this wasn't the case! ha ha)

* Cob Sleigh on wheels where you pull the up and slide down a track in a line of 6. This was another big hit! For the adults too!

* A play area complete with sand.

and more to mention!

On to the Mazes-

* The giant “maize maze” is HUGE- covers an area of more than 8 Wembley football pitches! Each year since 2002 has been designed with a different theme. This year was Ancient Egypt which was perfect as my son had just learnt about this at school. Rather than just finding the middle there are numbered platforms to find along the way with a question and answer on each one. So you have a question at platform one then once you find number 2 you can press a button to hear the answer and so on. It's honestly massive so make sure you leave enough time! We didn't!

Musical Maze- Find Giant musical instruments to play with all around this maze.

Maze of Illusions- A smaller maze with different stations of illusions and magic eye type images.

Jurassic Maize- encounter dinosaurs along the way- you can even get to meet a 'live' one at the entrance to the maze.

Mineshaft maze- a labyrinth of tunnels, bridges and overhead walkways- find hidden rooms.

Finger Fortune maze- make your way round and find different stations, here you colour the ends of your fingers. Then return to the decoding board and find out what awaits!

We ended our day with the CORNival and foam party. An outdoor event where the children can dance away while getting covered in foam. Our children had the best time doing this. It was a really fun and happy way to end our visit. We are already thinking about our return next summer. The children are wondering what theme the maze will be.

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