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Adventure Play- Windsor Great Park.

We have been waiting for this place to open for a loooong time, after seeing it being built on our last visit. We love to visit the Virginia Water part of the Great Park, it's just perfect for a bike ride in beautiful surroundings and excellents bushes and trees for dens. However, this place just got better as it has just opened Adventure play, a pay for adventure park which is an incredible warren of delight!

Firstly, it is expensive, mainly because you have to pay for adults too and that does bump up the price. £16 Child, £12 Adult- under 2's free. However I would say it really is worth it! And us adults, determined to get our money's worth tried everything out!

So I can confirm that is is great fun for all ages!

There is outside seating and a cafe too. Depending on the age of your children, it's great that you can sit and relax with a coffee without the fear of the children wandering off- as it's all enclosed. That is if you can drag yourself away from the slides!

For the entry price you get 2 hours of play time. It's great to spend the rest of the day exploring Windsor Great Park, on foot or bike. It is an absolutely beautiful place and seeing as though parking is included in the entry fee, why not make a day of it.

Be sure to check out the totem pole and the best dens in the bushes! There are cafes, ice cream vans and so much more we are still to cover it all.

Here are some photos from our cycle ride around Windsor Great Park.

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