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Jorvik Viking Centre -York

I recently took my 3 children to York, reliving childhood days out of my own. I had visited as an adult but it was great to visit with my children and take them to all of the places that I have fond memories of.

Number One on my list was The Jorvik Viking Centre and it didn't disappoint! We pre-booked a ticket with a timed entry and when we arrived, even though the queue looked lng, we went in very swiftly.

Lots of artefacts on show and an amazing floor beneath, however the main event is obviously the ride through the Viking Town!

Seated on (an updated version of what I remember) a little ride takes you on a journey to the past, with a choice of childrens or adults commentary. The sights are so realistic, the wax work figures so life like, add the the sounds and the smells, yes for those who were wondering the man on the toilet is still there... and the smell! It really is a great experience.

Once off the ride, my children were most interested in the fossilised poo, see a theme here? Until we got to the villager hammering coins, for an extra charge you can have your own coin hammered in front of you and it's given in a presentation card.

We really loved it and would have loved another go on the train. Its such a fun way of learning. You only need about 90 mins here.

We had bought the dual ticket and had booked into visit Jorvik Dig before we came here.

Only a short walk away and I liked the order we chose, Dig first and then Jorvik. We also bought our tickets with Tesco Club Points, which was a great way to spend them.

Read about our visit to The Dig here.

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