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Jorvik - The Dig- York

This is a great place to visit before Jorvik Viking Centre. Situated a short walk away, we had a fun couple of hours here.

We came we a 4, 7 and two 10 year olds. I was concerned it may be too young for the 10 year olds but they really enjoyed just as much.

We started with a session with a staff member who did a show and tell with many artefacts. She passed them round, let us touch and examine them. It really kept the children's attention. Learning allsorts like about what they ate and how they lived.

After about 15 mins she then led us to the Dig area. This is an interactive part where children are given a shovel and can dig around finding their own discoveries. This is of course not the real thing, I thought that might disappoint the children but they absolutely loved it. It's also very educational.

Once this had come to an end we went and explored the building, it is set in the most wonderful building. Considering we were there in school holidays, it didn't feel crowded at all.

Upstairs there was an arts area where the children got to work drawing some of the findings, using a grid system that is used by archeologists.

Once we left we took a walk up to the Jorvik Viking Centre, stopping for an ice cream and a run around just down by the JVC. I think we left about an hour in between booking the two. Read about are time at Jorvik here.

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