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Trinity Buoy Wharf- London

If like me you sometimes need inspiration for a bit of a different day out I recommend the totally random but fun Trinity Buoy Wharf. (Bow creek lighthouse)

It’s only small but lots of nooks and crannies to explore- very arty and eclectic. It has London’s only lighthouse which features the longplay (google it 😂)

All for free and free parking.

There are 2 places to eat... The Orchard Cafe and Fat boys diner. We ate at the first and the menu was mouth watering and food didn’t disappoint. They had a high chair and were child friendly. The view was lovely and it’s not often you eat in a place with a taxi with a tree growing out of it on the roof!

Fat boys looked good too but was full of kayakers at the time.

It’s an historic area too dating back to Henry Vlll with lots of info plaques dotted around... chain from the titanic etc.

Anyway if you are looking for something to do you could easily spend a couple of hours here. I went with a 5, 3 and 6 month old. My 5 year old absolutely loved it but fun was had by all.

Afterwards we took the 5 min drive toward the Excel and parked in the Crowne Plaza Hotel (£3 per hour) we then went on the IFS Cloud Cable Car (£3.50 each way for adults- with oyster/contactless - under 5’s free) However this was a few years ago and I believe there has been an increase to £6 one way now.

Children loved this (I was terrified- it was windy). Great view to watch the planes at city airport.

Had a short walk at the other side... stumbled across the Vagabond Cafe on the jetty. Looks lovely here, very very spacious, you can play table tennis, boules, buy plants, sit wrapped in fleecy blankets and drink coffee, child friendly. Would def come back and explore this side more and do this sculpture trail .

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