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Tilbury Fort- London

Tilbury Fort is on the north bank of the Thames. The parking is free and for a family of 5 it cost us £16... it would be £14 just for 2 adults so the family ticket is worth it and a big WIN for those of us with 3 children it 2 adults plus 3 children. (English Heritage)

(prices for our 2020 visit just before Covid)

It’s a rustic kind of museum with a certain charm. Not much in the terms of signage but a good place to wander around, lots of space for the children. There were audio guides but we didn’t use these but would now the children are older. You would probably spend a couple of hours here.

A big plus for my children was climbing up to mounds to see the big container ships passing at fairly regular intervals. There is a lot of history here so older children may like this. Some steep drops so watch out for the little ones. No cafe as such but they sell coffee (😅) there is a pub just outside the grounds but we didn't try that.

Also there is a ferry service over to Gravesend, we walked down on the riverside path to do this but it wasn’t running, this would have been excellent if it was though!

All in all it’s something different and my husband and children liked it. I would be interested to hear what people think of this place and also keen to go back with my now older children... and maybe not in January though as it was bitterly cold but we had the place to ourselves!

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