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The Alban way- Hertfordshire

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

The cycle route- The Alban Way (we did this sometime ago and looking for inspo for another one!)

🚴‍♀️ The thing I love most about cycle ways on old train routes are they are generally flat! My kind of cycling!

🚴‍♀️ A cycle way on an abandoned railway from Hatfield to St Albans. It has ghost stations along the way.

We did the whole route- 14 miles return, but it’s great to walk too.

🚴‍♀️ To make it shorter you could start at Nast Hyde Halt which is the most interesting station. There is a field for picnics and a nice playground too. If you just wanted a short walk/cycle you could just do this section and see some other ghost platforms without the need to go all the way to St Albans.

It’s mainly shady and you pass a few old platforms go under the bridges etc.

🚴‍♀️ We got to Verulamium park in St Albans which is basically where you turn round to come back so we had an ice cream before heading back.

🌟 There is a stream there with stepping stones which we didn’t try out but wished we had! It’s a gorgeous huge park!

The route is mainly flat, a couple of small inclines and the very last bit you need to cycle on a couple of quiet roads but you needn’t come all this way if you don’t want to reach Verulamium.

All in all a successful day out for our family! If anyone has any child friendly and fairly quiet bike ride recommendations I would love to hear them!

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