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National Space Centre- Leicester

We often are driving from the South of England to the North. Rather than wasting a day of travel, we set off early, got to the Space Centre for when it opened and left early aft to continue our journey. It worked out so well!

(didn’t take many photos)

🌟 Tickets are booked online and can be turned into an annual pass, free of charge! £16:95-Adult, £13:95- Child

Under 5’s free!

🪐Has the UK’s biggest Planetarium! Worth booking a slot for this. It was truly amazing!

🌟 It’s not a huge museum so you can easily see it in a short day.

👩‍🚀Lots of interactive elements to keep children amused. My daughter loved drawing a rocket and watching the animation take off.

🚀 Huge rocket was also a hit. We also enjoyed the science shows.

🥪 We as always took a picnic, there is plenty of seating. There is a cafe on site but we didn't use it.

🚙 Parking £3 for the day.

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