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Hobbledown Adventure- Surrey

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Hobbledown! Hands down the BEST place we have been in a loooong time!

Our highlights

⭐️ The playgrounds! They are something else! My daughter said she felt like she was in a magical land!

⭐️ One of them has an underground tunnel system, made of about 7 interconnecting tunnels

⭐️ Numerous climbs and high cage tunnels, slides, sand play, digging for crystals, zip wires, pillow bounce and water filled pillow bounce. We didn't cover them all!

⭐️ Areas aimed at all ages! I had a 4, 7 and almost 10yr old with me and all equally loved it

⭐️ Big indoor play barn (45mins included in your ticket)

⭐️ The Imaginarium - a magical place full of interactive colours and water play. Wander around and be amazed. This was a highlight for the children. The outside section is a series of water pipes and apparatus, lots of fun.

⭐️ The Thinkery- different events through out the day. Led by Fern the Fairy and the Hobblers. These quirkey characters do interactive storytelling throughout the day at peak times. We also found them outside doing giant bubble play! I mean who doesn't love a big bubble!

⭐️ Animal encounters, meets and walkways.

⭐️ We took a picnic but the cafe was very reasonable! Not the usual insane mark up!

(£2.80 for a coffee/ children’s meals from £4.50)

⭐️ Top tip- we bought a discounted voucher in the January sale so keep your eyes peeled for more of those offers 👀 They also do good Parent and Pre schooler deals through the week.

I wish that I could go back and visit this place AS a child, but bringing your own children is the next best thing! My photos do not do it justice but I will pop on the reel to this site later.

Soooo much more! We didn’t manage to do everything and would def go back.

Also would like to try Hobbledown Heath in Hounslow!

I asked the children to score it out of 10 and they gave it 1000% 😄

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