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High Score- Farnborough

Whenever we come across an arcade at the seaside or on holiday I have to admit I try and avoid it. Too many 'just one more turn' etc and it's easy to spend a fortune, so we generally avoid. However, we were made aware of High Score in Farnborough.

.This place is like an 'All Inclusive' version in the arcade world.

You buy a ticket on line £38 for a family of 4, 5yrs and under free and £11.95 for a single ticket- that gives you 1 hour free play in the arcade.

It has a great selection of new and retro games. I honestly don't know who enjoyed it the most! Even Grandma came along and liked it! It is a very family friendly environment and there is a small section for little children too.

Our highlights were the skiing, air hockey and motorbikes! There are many other places like this around the UK so have a look near you. I know High Score have arcades in Farnborough, Swindon, Southhampton, Poole and Newbury. I know there is a similar one in Leeds called The Arcade Club. We haven't tried this one yet but we hope to try it soon.

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