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Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace - Moseley, East Moseley.


🌟 The Maze was great (despite not finding the middle or almost the way out 😅) Hardest maze EVER!

🌟 The Magic Garden, an amazing playground with water fountain and sand. Learn from my mistake and bring spare clothes! Also leave it for the end! It's a great way to end a visit!

🐴We visited the rear gardens and we went on a horse and cart. Very short but the children liked it.

🌟 Henry VIII apartments. Children loved the little video showing here and exploring some of the inside of the palace.

To be honest, with sheltering from the rain we didn’t get to see much else but we really enjoyed it and the children LOVED it. We are lucky enough to live not too far away so can return again soon.

If you are planning to go here AND the Tower of London with in one year then it’s worth getting the annual membership. This also gives you 10% off in the cafes and shops. This is my plan for our next visit as we only scratched the surface!

There were places to eat but we took a picnic and just bought coffee ☕️

There was an Artisan festival there today and lots of old fashioned games out for the children. Don’t think they are usually there though but often something going on so check online first.

🚙 Car park £6 per day

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