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Forbidden Corner- North Yorkshire

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

The Forbidden Corner, Middleham, N.Yorks.🌟

🌟If you are ever in or around North Yorkshire, this really is a must. It’s so unique and great fun! A place like no other! We would travel up from the south just for this place alone!

🏰It was built as a private folly but then open to the public. Its over 4 acres and is a labyrinth of underground tunnels, temples, weird quirky statues, chambers and lots of surprises! It's a hard place to describe, it really is unique. Like been lost in a magical land and every time we go we discover something new!

🌳Its one of our favourite places ever and the views are incredible! As is the tree outside with a huge hole in it… all my 3 children could fit inside. It just keeps on giving the more you explore!

🐸It has a walled garden with a frog chorus, an adventure playground, café and a place for coffee and ice cream! We prefer taking a picnic though and plenty of places to sit, eat and enjoy the views.

🌟 It’s well worth the money £14.50 adults, £12.50 Child and 3 and unders are free.

These photos really don't do it justice! It's a magical place!

I have done a post about Druids Temple, if you are around this area for a holiday, check it out too.

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