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Cycle the Solar System- York

This is probably my favourite cycle ride that we have done with the children. Always better to have interesting things along the way.It's part of the national cycle ride 65 and is along the old East Coast main line railway route.

Starting at The Sun and as you go along the route you will discover each planet in turn, ending at Pluto ( I know it's a dwarf planet!) All to scale in both distance and size.

To quote their website 'The scale of the model is 575 872 239:1. This means that a single stride will take you about 500 000 km. Light takes more than five hours to make this journey, so a cyclist travels much faster than the speed of light!'

The route is 6.4 miles and at the end is the village of Riccall, which has a playground. When we cycled the route I didn't see a cafe in Riccall but there seems to be a Tea Room there now. About half way there is also a very quirky serve yourself honesty café which offers hot and cold drinks and some snacks. There are a few pubs if you make a slight detour too.

We stuck to the route and even my son who was only 5 at the time managed to cycle there and back at a steady pace (keen cyclist though) Allow the whole day so you can take it easy and have plenty of time to stop at the planets. There are also other pieces of art too. Take a picnic and plenty of snacks!

Parking is available at the Askham Bar Park and Ride, which has direct access onto the cycle path. There is also a small car park near Escrick, at the location of the old Escrick station (located right next to the cycle path). Parking is also possible in Ricall – notices there will advise you. We parked at Escrick.

Here is there website.

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