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Brooklands Museum, Weybridge

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

✈️ Visited Brooklands and was pleasantly surprised.

✈️ One highlight is you can board to go Concorde and have a make believe flight. My husband took the children on and they all loved it. (Pre book this & pay extra for this)

✈️ Lots of planes out on the tarmac, many that you can go on.

✈️ Sports cars on display

✈️ Many different hangers, in one my children made small tin planes, free of charge.

✈️ Bus museum too from old buses to modern buses, very interactive.

✈️ We went on a 30 minute ride, out of the museum on an old Route Master. For a very small fee- £2 ish.

✈️ Old war planes you can sit in.

✈️ The chance to climb on the old brooklands racing track, very steep banks.

✈️ Air raid shelters to experience.

✈️ Cafe and coffee ☕️

✈️ Next door to Mercedes Benz World, which I reviewed here, so could easily combine the two.

A nice easy, spacious place for a wander around. Perfect for all weathers.

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