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Lapland- Levi- Finland

After researching ALOT we decided to spend the majority of our time in Levi, 3 hrs further North than Rovaniemi and way inside the Artic Circle. We didn't regret it, Levi is a lovely little Ski Resort well served with shops and restaurants whilst keeping its charm.

The first thing we did when we got there was buy sledges! I would say an essential purchase! They glide across this type of snow and we even pulled the three sledges at once!

Then while waiting to check into our AirBnB Cabin, we boarded the gondola up to see the surprise view at the Hidden Café. I had heard a lot about this place on various Facebook pages. The cafe was unfortunately closed and there seems no way of pre checking, this didnt spoil it though as we were really there for the view! WOW! A winter wonderland! Literally took our breath away!

After a small walk/sledge/roll around and still acclimatising to the weather we went to the Panorama Cafe instead, which was a lovely place for a hot chocolate and far reaching views. This is also right at the top of the Gondola, some people do walk down but nice to have the Gondola as a choice too.

🛷 We spent a morning at Kidsland, it's FREE and different sledges are provided if you don't have your own. We went on the swing and used their Kota. A Kota is a small hut with a fire, a place to warm up, toast marshmallows etc, You will find these everywhere and they are good to use if you clean up after yourself . I loved kidsland, we all did and barely anyone else there despite it been the week before Christmas! A really fantastic morning.

🐾 Husky ride with Levi Husky Park, (£193)

After spending the morning at Kidsland where it reached -22! we headed off for our Husky experience.

I deliberated for months which ride to book. I mean they aren't cheap but it was so far up our list of what we wanted to experience! I eventually chose a 2k ride, which turned out to be such a good choice! The temperature had dropped to -23 that afternoon and boy did we feel it! This was the only part of the holiday where the cold really got to the children. Luckily they had a cosy heated yurt to wait in but I was glad we chose the 2K in the end.

I would really recommend this company, really friendly and seemed to look after the animals well.

During our visit we also met the kissing reindeer (I fed it biscuits from my mouth), the children were amazed with this reindeer.

You can also go out and meet the dogs, wolves etc but as the children were so so cold we opted to wait in the Yurt by the fires and have a sausage and some warm berry juice which are provided.

🔥FREE We walked and fed the reindeers behind K5 and used the Kota next to the pen and toasted our marshmallows (a few € for the reindeer feed). We then walked down to the frozen lake to look for the Northern Lights, we didn't see them on this occasion but look at the sky. It was incredible this night in particular.

🍝 We ate out at Ristorante Renna one night, really lovely food, large portions. Was about €100 for the 5 of us with main courses and a drink each (alcohol for the adults)

🛷 FREE We also sledged near the little frozen lake next to Kidsland and on the zero point slopes once closed. A highlight for the children- some of their best memories.

Levi Spa- Swimming pool 80 Euros- 2 adults, 2 Children- Under 4's free. (Parking outside is 1 euro per hour but there is free parking nearby too).

This is pricey for swimming but we thought it was totally worth it. Nice to have an experience out of the snow too! I have read mixed reviews about this place but our experience was entirely positive.

There are various pools, of all descriptions. Even pools where you can work out against the current. Its like a beautifully lit warren of pools. There is a tunnel that leads to a small outside pool, from there its a mad dash (careful of the ice) to the heated jacuzzies! A real highlight! The indoor pools are of a decent temp, the childrens pool was on the cool side but we loved them all. My husband especially liked the ice pool walk and plunge pool. I watched! ha ha.

I didn't take any photos of the Levi Spa, only outside in the car park. Why? I hear you ask? Well because my children sent about an HOUR playing in the mountains of snow piled high after the car park was cleared! They loved it! ha!

We were wonderfully lucky to see the Northern Lights twice. Please realise that they are not always a vivid as the photos you see. The first time we were left wondering if it was them, as it was grey and misty looking, however on our phone photos they were vivid green. However when we saw them later, there was know denying the green lights dancing across the sky, so enchanting and a real privilege to see them.

I have done a separate post for our Santa Experience at The Elves Hideaway and also the blog for our day in Rovaniemi will be coming soon.

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