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Lapland- What shall I pack?

We visited Lapland the week before Christmas 2022 and stayed in Levi. We also spent a day in Helsinki and a day in Rovaniemi taking the night train. I remember getting a bit panicky about what to take and asked loads of questions on various forums. So here is my take on it!

We flew out on a Friday and back on the Wednesday- so 6 days in Finland.

This is what we packed:

Christmas PJs- not fleece ones, just normal as it's normal temp in the accomadation.

2/3 base layers- mixture of Aldi/Mountain Warehouse/decathlon. We preferred the non moreno, my daughter found it scratchy. Fleece lined leggings from primark were great for base layers too.

2 pairs fleece Pjs for mid layers- Primark.

Over the head micro fleece- Mountain Warehouse/ebay/vinted

Hats x2 each (over the ear ones and a beany)

Waterproof mittens x2 (mittens best on top for air flow)

Normal gloves for under the mittens- we didn't always use this but its handy, a touchscreen finger for adults too. You don't want bare hands taking photos!

A snood and balaclava- Mountain warehouse/ Decathlon. Used these ALOT! These can get damp as the moisture when you breath on them but as they were microfleece they dried quickly.

2x thermal ski socks and fluffy bed type socks.

Snow Boots- go at least a size up. These were from Sports Direct, Decathlon and Aldi.

Ski Jacket and Salopettes.

What did we travel in?

They travelled in joggers and a long sleeved T-Shirt, micro fleece and wore ski socks, boots and their jackets. We made sure we had the ski trousers in our hand luggage (packing cubes are your friend).

No need to take any other form of footwear, we lived in our snow boots.

Remember this is the time to avoid 100% cotton. We didn’t wear any cotton. We had some Moreno wool base layers but actually found them a little scratchy and preferred the cheaper types.

What else did we take?

We took flasks for hot chocolate, marshmallows and toasting forks.

Some of our fondest memories are in the Kota (huts) roasting marshmallows, sausages and having a hot chocolate (pre-made in our flasks- with little plastic cups)

Glow sticks, little lights we attached to their coats (the they were actually for dogs), head torches were useful. Remember it’s dark/dusk for the majority of the time.

We took some hand warmers and did need them on some days for the children. The lowest it reached was -25!

We also took swimwear and had an afternoon at Levi Spa- made a nice change! The children talk about the alot as you ca swim through a tunnel to a heated outoor pool! Surrounded by snow- amazing! There are hot tubs outside too.

We loved the weather appart from one day at the Husky ride when it was -25 and I was so thankful I had booked the 2k one! I originally thought it might be too short but it was perfect for us.

It’s true when they say it’s a different cold, not the damp cold you get here, it’s so dry! The sand is like powder and never melts on you, just dust it off. Talking of the snow, we just bought our sledges when we got there from a sports shop in the centre of Levi, they were about 15 euros each but were worth their weight in gold! The best mode of transport and we just pulled the children around everywhere- my 4 year old even had a nap on one of the journeys! ha ha.

In the end due to baggage handler strikes we took 3 hand luggage and and one hold for a family of five and it worked really well.

Any questions just ask!

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